Fast food paging It is a perfect solution for busy restaurants, food courts, and coffee shops etc. Guest can move around freely and wait comfortably with our Pagers while their order or table is being prepared. The staff can call the guest whenever the food or table is ready. Our system can help your business to increase productivity, speed of service and customer satisfaction in a cost-effective way.

Technical Specifications

Desktop Transmitter

  • Power adaptor: AC 110 / 220V, 60 / 50Hz output 12V DC
  • UHF, Frequency Range: 420.0000 ~ 490.0000MHz
  • Up to 1Km coverage range
  • Built-in-clock
  • POCSAG Code
  • Paging Sensitivity: 512bps — 5µV/M, 1200bps — 7µV/M, 2400bps — 9µV/M
  • Bit rate : 512 / 1200 / 2400bps for POCSAG
  • Out of range and duty alert feature


  • UHF, frequency Range: 420.0000 ~ 490.0000MHz
  • Pagers alert mode tone,vibe and flash (LED) alert
  • POCSAG Code
  • Power: rechargeable battery
  • Pc programmable
  • Available in Red, Green colors


  • Smart charger capacity max capacity 20 pagers