FTH (FTH Electronics L.L.C Dubai) is U.A.E’s leading provider of “Restaurant Wireless paging System” and services across the region since 2005 specializing mainly in Restaurant on-site paging systems & wireless communication devices.

We offer SYSCALL product portfolio that includes solutions for various industries and organisations of all sizes. FTH Electronics takes pride in providing a complete and reliable SYSCALL wireless on-site messaging solutions. Our trusted partner in UAE of many years, the SYSCALL solution includes initial site surveys to user support after commissioning.

Our major wireless paging product line includes:

  • All in one Restaurant paging system
  • Guest paging system
  • Table call paging system
  • Nurse paging system
  • Waiter paging system
  • Office boy paging system
  • Beach Butler paging system
  • Server call paging system
  • Staff paging system
  • Fast food paging system
  • Customer management system
  • Restaurant Table Tracker system
  • Hotel Trolley Tracker

Our products are widely being used in large Food Courts, offices, Restaurants, Resorts, Hospitals, Cafes, Cinemas, Hyper Market, as well as in Government facilities and Industrial sites. We also provide maintenance and technical support. Our affordable systems are guaranteed not only to meet but to exceed customer’s business expectations. We offer a variety of hospitality paging systems which makes it possible to increase a venue’s service speed and boost turnover with better on-demand service. The range includes mini paging system coaster and paddle style pagers for fast-food, server call for kitchen staff, we advise on which pager is best suited for each operations. We always strive to provide our customers with the best possible products, support and services which has been the foundation of our success for many years. You certainly can count on us. Great coverage and reliability.

Mission & Vision

To be a premier provider of innovative, user friendly technology, delivering exceptional quality and value to customers and shareholders. Engaging customers with innovative technologies that simplify a complex world.