All in one paging system has inbuilt transmitter and charger that is widely used in large outlets where easy maintenance and management is required. Paging system is a robust guest alert paging devices allows you to easily manage and handle the queue flow, thus creating a more inviting service atmosphere, by reducing possible patron dropout or turn away from long queue as well as balancing the high cost of labor associated with having staff run food out to the tables.

Technical Specifications


  • Power adaptor: AC 110 / 220V, 60 / 50Hz output 12V DC
  • UHF, Frequency Range: 420.0000 ~ 490.0000MHz
  • Up to 1Km coverage range
  • Built-in-clock
  • POCSAG Code
  • Paging Sensitivity: 512bps — 5µV/M, 1200bps — 7µV/M, 2400bps — 9µV/M
  • Bit rate : 512 / 1200 / 2400bps for POCSAG
  • Out of range and duty alert feature


  • UHF, frequency Range: 420.0000 ~ 490.0000MHz
  • Pagers alert mode tone,vibe,and flash (LED) alert
  • POCSAG Code
  • Power: rechargeable battery
  • Pc programmable
  • All Pagers work on Single Transmitter Platform
  • “SMART” charging system with own Charger
  • Duty Alerts for Quick Reminders and Communications
  • Space for logo or promo meal