Restaurant, Food Court, Clubs and Cafe

This Solution is an efficient system for restaurant operations and management as a quick and precise communication with customers that minimizing a server route by accurate setting tables, predicting customer waiting time, paging server from customers, responding quickly and delivering appropriate requirements. It enables to maintain a calm atmosphere throughout the store and provide the best service to the customers. Restaurant paging system and Table call system.

Health Care, Hospital and SPA

Hospital Management Solution is suitable system to manage patients by enabling quick and precise response to the nurse from the general patients’ calling or pressing the calling button at emergencies. Moreover, emergency patient calls at the absent of a nurse are also available wireless receiver. This system enables to contact many staffs simultaneously.

Hypermarket and Departmental Stores

This Solution delivers customer calls to each charge staff by zones quickly and precisely. It enables quick response of services to customer request, product explanation or finding specific products. In addition, it provides fast and accurate responses with the charge manager’s wireless paging in case of occurrence of a problem at the cashier. It also can maximize customer satisfaction and maintain intimate contact system between manager and staff through solving problems and reducing customers’ waiting time at cashiers.

Hotels, Pools & Water parks

This Solution enables to response to many Guest and action quickly in emergencies. It optimizes manager paging in emergencies, room check and waiting time for using rooms. It is designed specially to help seated guest to call the waiter or Beach club when they need services to satisfaction from quick service response in long distances. More ever it brings sales increase and reduction of operational costs by improving service and work efficiency among staff. This system allows restaurant to provide the right service at the right time.

Offices, Banks & Private Villas

Consists of a wall mountable Display screen to display calling numbers & bells, each can be programmed with a unique number so that once you press the button the notification appears on the display along with a beep or melody (Customizable). It can also display the last three called numbers at the same time. Office boy pager can allow the office boy to receive the calling numbers from 300~500m away from the location, In- addition it keeps the last 10 called numbers in the memory.

Church & Nursery

The peace in times of worship or matrimony and manage your services smoothly without any disruptions and/or embarrassing moments, leaving guests wondering how it all happened... this system allow parents to leave children with nursery staff and attend services free of worries. Anywhere on the campus they go, they'll be notified of an emergency via pager. And it happens quietly and discreetly, so other members of the congregation are not affected in any way. GREAT COVERAGE AND RELIABILITY